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These are all the amazing ways that you can work with me.

One on One Coaching

Spiritual and trauma informed coaching for those looking to breakthrough their inner blockages so they can stop living the same cycles and start living a life of alignment and ease where abundance can flow!

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The Living Mindfully with Deann VIP Community

A monthly membership for the person who is serious about living a life of purpose, fulfillment, and success!

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90-Minute Intensive + 1-Week of Voxer

Identify and bring awareness what is at the root, keeping you from moving forward in an area of your life. Release and clear the root emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, and get action steps for reconditioning these blocks as well as action steps to take towards your desires. Intensives come with one-week of Voxer messenger access to me for accountability and support in carrying out your action plan.

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Personalized Meditation

This includes a 30-minute session in which I will ask you powerful questions to unlock your desires and the things that are holding you back from receiving them. Then, I will record a powerful guided meditation that is personalized for you. I will send you the meditation and you will be able to keep the meditation recording forever.

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Chakra Healing Session

This is a 45-minute session in which I use guided meditation, imagery, sound bells, and chakra stones to guide you through an energetic cleaning and healing of your energy centers. You will receive distance reiki. These sessions are done through Zoom and are most effective with headphones.

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