Calling all high performers looking to clear their inner blockages so they can stop living the same cycles and start living a life of alignment and ease where abundance can flow to them!


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You're passionate, driven, and you strive to better every day and to make the world a better place, but it isn’t always easy.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, but money and status does not always equal fulfillment and happiness. 

Do you feel like there is something invisible, inside you blocking your happiness and causing you to live out the same cycles over and over again? 

Have you ever felt in the deepest part of you that there might be something wrong?

Does it feel like there is something inside, like there is a hole that just cannot be filled?

And it’s affecting your relationships, your health, and your business or career.


Do you find yourself behaving in ways you swore you never would? 

Maybe sometimes you lose it with the kids or your spouse. Or maybe you find yourself being compliant and not speaking your truth in your relationships. Or maybe you find yourself working twelve hours a day and not really experiencing life. Your relationships are strained.

Have you hit an income ceiling in your business or career and feel like no matter what you try you cannot make more without sacrificing more of your precision time and energy? You’re already trying to balance it all and starting to lose the joy you once had for your field.

The thing is, trauma from our past and even trauma passed down from our parents can leave us conditioned to do the things our parents did that we swore we’d never do, to believe beliefs like that we have to sacrifice our time and energy with our loved ones to make the income we desire, and cause patterns in our thoughts and behavior that limit us from living the lives we truly desire.

Trauma changes the chemical signals in our cells, this can happen during our lifetime or be passed down from parents making us predisposed to stress disorders and disease.

It’s time to stop the cycle, heal and break free from the conditioning trauma as created. It’s time for new beliefs and behaviors that allow us to step into our full potential!

It’s time to clear these inner blockages so you can stop living out the same cycles and start living a life of alignment and east where abundance can flow to you!

Uncover and overcome what’s holding you back inside from achieving great success. 

Go from feeling anxious, stressed out, and empty to connected, empowered, and fulfilled.

Apply for One on One Coaching

"I'm feeling more confident than ever before, thanks to working with you. Thank you for helping me break down the barriers that have been holding me back for years!" -S.A. One on One Coaching Client

How it works

- 3 months of one on one coaching for $3,000 (payment plans available)

- 1 90-minute session, 7 60-minute coaching calls, with 1 week of implementation each month

- M-F Voxer Messenger and E-Mail access for daily feedback and support

- Weekly Soul Work (Taking Action on Goals, Worksheets, Journaling, Meditations)

- Lifetime Access to the Living Mindfully with Deann VIP community (access to monthly group calls, meditations, and guest trainings)


Apply for One on One Coaching

What’s the process?

After you apply, we will get on a free discovery call to make sure working with me is a goof fit.

Our first session will be 90-minutes, we will dive deep into your current situation and clarify your goals and desires. 

Awareness: this is the first step to clearing the blocks to who we really are. Identify the emotions, fears and judgments residing within your mind and body. Be the compassionate observer and learn to not stuff your feelings or to hold on to them. You will be guided to the other side of the emotion, into the truth. From here, you will feel the release and your liberation from that particular fear block, illusion, barrier, emotional pattern. The truth shall set you free.

Alignment: Heal and align with your goals and desires energetically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. We will use inner child healing, generational trauma healing, shadow work, and reiki to heal and do the inner work. Learn radical acceptance & forgiveness for the self, others, and situations, and learn to practice radical self-love. We will use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and reprogramming mindset work to align your subconscious mind with your conscious goals.

Action: Take action that is aligned with your goals and desires. Connect with intuition and inner guidance so you can fully trust yourself when taking action and making decisions.

When you're in alignment, you can receive your desires, it is easier to take action and you will find yourself living a life of more ease where abundance can flow to you!

The 4 M’s: Mindfulness Meditation Mindset Manifestation

These are the tools that are weaved into everything I do.

Mindfulness: being present, living mindfully, managing stress, and being able to cope and stay connected and centered even in times of distress 

Meditation: connecting with inner self, reprogramming, expanding consciousness, and doing inner work

Mindset: rewiring past conditioned beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns

Manifestation: clarifying your desires souls desires and purpose, aligning with them, and using divine guidance and inspiration

-Learn to create and work in flow and in alignment with your soul and the universe.

-Eliminate limiting beliefs keeping you stuck from the root, more than just flipping the script.

-Develop a strong mindset for long term success, growth, and fulfillment.

- Do the inner work and develop sacred self-care practices that cultivate huge breakthroughs and growth

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Deann Rae Jensen is a Spirituality Coach, Meditation Teacher, Success Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Author, and Educator.

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"The techniques I've learned from Deann have been very helpful for me. I have learned better stress response as well as working on limiting beliefs. I can honestly say I am closer to my life goals thanks to Deann's coaching." H.B. One on One Coaching Client