Meet Deann

Deann went from feeling like a victim of life, after sexual abuse, being diagnosed with anxiety, ADD, and depression, addicted to drugs to gaining control and feeling empowered.

She was awakened to her spiritual journey in 2006, when she ended up working for a yogi in college.

This set her off on a lifetime journey of spiritual exploration and healing. She later became certified as a reiki practitioner, meditation practitioner and teacher while working on her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. She has spent the last fourteen years studying mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, and manifestation.

She was a school teacher for seven years. While teaching, she earned a Master’s in Education Psychology. She did her capstone project on how meditation and mindfulness can improve academic achievement and emotional regulation.


She found joy in teaching the principles of mindfulness and meditation and took her first leap as an entrepreneur and started her own tutoring company, Tutoring with Intent, which incorporated mindfulness and emotional regulation tutoring as well as academic tutoring.

She learned that she loved teaching about mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality.

“I wanted to make a whole business around this.”

She wanted to help others and felt a call to do something big!

In 2018, she started Living Mindfully with Deann.

Since then, she has been able to help others reclaim their lives and get past anxiety, stress, and fears so that they can create lives they are excited to live!

You have everything you need inside you to create a fulfilled life that you love waking up to each morning. 

Deann can help you unlock that potential!

What is Your Inner Child Trying to Tell You?

Everyone has an inner child. This is the aspect of ourselves that is curious, spontaneous, innocent, open, and full of joy and wonder. It is also the aspect that holds our innermost fears and pain. Your inner child is your original self. It is who you were before you were taught who to be. It has needs, desires, and wounds. When ignored, the inner child can create patterns of self-sabotage and unhelpful habits. Listening to your inner child can create more self-respect, self-love, and inner groundedness. Inner child work can undo old patterns, allowing one to follow their true life purpose. Take this quiz to find out what your inner child is trying to communicate to you!

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