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Living Mindfully with Deann

Helping people breakthrough their inner blockages so they can stop living the same cycles and start living a life of alignment and ease where abundance can flow!

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 Gratitude is a gift and something to be treasured. It is something we are taught, it can be taught to others, and is a skill we can learn. We can train ourselves to be grateful with practice. Gratitude brings joy and appreciation into our lives. The things that we pay the most attention to are the things we see show up in our lives more and more. If you want more good things in your life then you must pay attention to the good things that you already have. When you are in a state of complete gratitude, you are in a state of nonresistance. This lets the good stuff in. As you go through these 21 days, I hope that you find joy in seeing all that you have to be grateful for. I promise that if you do all 21 days you will start to see more good things in your life.

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The Living Mindfully Together Community

A free community to help you live a more aligned and abundant life! This is a place where people gather to get support on their journeys to overcome their inner blocks and align with the flow of ease and abundance. Free coaching and trainings on mindfulness, meditation, mindset, and manifestation so that you can achieve success and create and live a life you love to wake up to!

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Meet Deann

Deann Rae Jensen is a Spirituality Coach, Meditation Teacher, Success Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Author, and Educator. She provides spiritual and trauma informed coaching to those looking to breakthrough their inner blockages so they can stop living the same patterns and cycles and start living a more abundant and fulfilled life!

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