Welcome Beautiful Soul!

I'm Deann, owner of Living Mindfully with Deann.

I am a spiritual coach, a healer, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, and above all, a lightworker.

It is my missioin to empower other lightworkers on their self-healing journeys by helping them clear inner blocks, stop repeating patterns, heal past and generational trauma, so they can step into their higher selves, their true, abundant selves and shine their light, and do the work they came here to do!

"Deann has a truly special gift...She is a lightworker like no other, a true gift to humanity."

Childhood, generational, and past life healing, NLP, CBT, Inner child healing, Reiki, Crystals, Chakra Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Mindset, Manifestation

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Are you a lightworker too?

  • Uncover and unravel your inner blocks, gain insight and awareness around what is truly holding you back and the ability to work through them and break down barriers so you can experience your best life possible!
  • Reprogram your subconscious to be aligned with your conscious desires and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones!
  • Find a non-judgmental, safe space to release emotions and work through them, and start to move towards their desires!
  • Living Mindfully with Deann empowers others with effective, proven, and personalized tools and techniques.
  • Find mental clarity, peace of mind, and inner peace. Improve stress responses, and connect with your true self and power!

Break the cycles of generational, childhood, & past life trauma!

Shine your light!

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This is a place where people gather to get support on their journeys to overcome their inner blocks and align with the flow of ease and abundance.

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What is Your Inner Child Trying to Tell You?

Everyone has an inner child. This is the aspect of ourselves that is curious, spontaneous, innocent, open, and full of joy and wonder. It is also the aspect that holds our innermost fears and pain.

Your inner child is your original self. It is who you were before you were taught who to be. It has needs, desires, and wounds. When ignored, the inner child can create patterns of self-sabotage and unhelpful habits. Listening to your inner child can create more self-respect, self-love, and inner groundedness.

Inner child work can undo old patterns, allowing one to follow their true life purpose. Take this quiz to find out what your inner child is trying to communicate to you!

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